Reporterne som fotfølger McCain-kampanjen hadde ingen nyheter å skrive hjem om etter å ha vært med presidentkandidaten på MC-rally i Sturgis, South Dakota. Men det var mye annet å se. Min yndlingsformulering fra den deilige rapporten er følgende:

«Your pool was kept company by a crew of bikers on a balcony above the temporary stores, shouting a host of things (some nice, some not). They threw a few strands of beads our way, encouraging the reporters to perform activity a lá Mardi Gras. («Do it for Bill O?Reilly!» one person shouted.) They were joined by two scantily-clad women, one in a version of a bikini and the other in a too-small school girl uniform, who swung on poles off to the side. A larger-than-life stone sculpture stood in the middle of the large open field, depicting a woman lying horizontally over a bike in what looked like an uncomfortable position.»


Publisert 5. august 2008.